A full week of equine learning and fun

Saddle Up 4-H

A fun, horse-themed club for kids that promotes sportsmanship and learning


A fun way to learn (a lot!) through showing

The L & B Advantage

Our barn includes 18 stalls, an indoor arena, an outdoor wash stall with hot water, and other equine amenities. We also have a viewing/lounge area where parents can comfortably watch and wait while their child is taking a lesson. We have nearly 30 acres of pastures for outdoor turnout.

Here at L & B Farms, we strive our hardest to meet your needs and provide a warm and friendly atmosphere. We believe that although it’s important to teach our students the skills of riding and competing, it’s also very important that all of our clients work together and maintain a friendly environment.

We aim to meet the needs of all horses and owners, and provide a variety of services to accommodate your needs.


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727 Bellaire Rd
Hershey, PA 17033
United States of America