We have many breeds of horses: Thoroughbreds, Paints, Quarter Horses, Draft Crosses, an Appendix, and an Appy. Each of our horses is specially chosen for their knowledge and talents, as well as their ability to be gentle and understanding as people learn.


Aztec (known fondly by some as “Eeyore”) is one of L & B Farms’ most beloved horses. He is a gentle teddy bear of a horse, and is our first choice for beginners. But, don’t let those big eyes and droopy face fool you: Aztec is an excellent paperchaser, and can go as fast as any thoroughbred. Because he is a draft cross, Aztec is almost as large as he is friendly, and yet he will obey anybody– regardless of size– without problems. He is good for both jumping and flat riding, and also knows a thing or two about trail riding. No matter who you are, Aztec is sure to be your friend.


As L & B Farms’ resident miniature pony, Bubba (officially “Little Habanero”) has many jobs, including being our mascot, getting treats from everyone who sees him, and keeping lonely horses company. He has a spicy personality, but wants nothing more than somebody to love him. Bubba will bond with anyone who pays attention to him, and is usually pastured with horses that are unable to live with the larger members of the L & B herd. He is a pro at in-hand trail class, and has made it to the district show several times. Because of his small size, Bubba can make his way into most of our pastures, and roams ad libitum, paying regular visits to his friends in other pastures. He is one of the most popular horses here at L & B Farms.


Cat (officially “Cat of the Future”) is a handsome, energetic thoroughbred gelding. He is trained as an English hunter/jumper, but is being introduced to Western gaming. Cat is silly at times, but when paired with the right rider can really go places. He has a nice, smooth, even canter, but is a little bouncy at the trot. Because of his personality and tendency to “goof off”, Cat should only be ridden by those with more experience. He is a great horse to advance with, and is well behaved for those who know how to “put him in line”. If you know what you’re doing and want a bit of a challenge, look no further than Cat.


Chaos (officially “Unchained Chaos”) is somewhat poorly named. This friendly, strong, sweet gelding loves people, and while he is better for more advanced riders, will definitely not cause “complete disorder and confusion”. He is a good jumper, and is among the few horses at L & B to have made it to the PA State 4-H Horse Show. He is good at most disciplines, and is one of our most advanced mounts to be used in lessons. Only the most advanced riders at L & B Farms have the privilege of riding Chaos. If you are among this select few, then you are in for a treat!


Dani (officially “Miss Dani”) is a thoroughbred mare. She has a sweet disposition, although she occasionally can present a bit of a challenge. She recently gave birth to Randy, a curious chestnut gelding who has yet to be broke. Dani is still young, and learns more as she gets better every day. She is a qualified jumper, and performs well at shows. In fact, she is among the few horses at L & B to have made it to the PA State 4-H Horse Show! Dani is good with beginners, but does better with a more advanced rider. If you are an intermediate or advanced rider, you will have a blast with Dani!


One of the best words to describe Duke would probably be “big”. A solidly-built draft cross, Duke is a powerful horse, with strength to match his size. Duke is still learning to control his prodigious size and strength. Despite this, he is friendly and easy going, and has the makings of a top-notch beginner horse. Of course, Duke still needs a bit more training before he becomes our go-to mount for young children, although he is well on his way. He was born and raised at L & B Farms (his mother being “Daisy Duke”, one our best horses), and has been taught to jump, trail ride, and foxhunt. He excels at all of these disciplines, and is considered “fun to ride” by most of our older riders. If you are an experienced(ish) rider who is looking for a fun ride that will advance your abilities, look no further than Duke.


Gracie (officially “Amaezing Grace”) is a red roan Quarter horse mare. She excels at trail riding and jumping, and can be ridden both English and Western. Gracie is full of energy, and is extremely smart. But, don’t let her shiny coat fool you: Gracie is definitely not for beginners. She is oftentimes smarter than her rider, and needs an alert, well-rounded handler. If you know what you’re doing, Gracie is a good way to sharpen your skills. Anyone looking for a challenge will find it in Gracie!


Although she is one of the newer additions to the lesson program, Gucci has quickly become quite popular. She is more than a pretty face though, with excellent form and a mild disposition perfect for beginners. Gucci is very sensitive, and therefore will obey with little effort on the part of the rider. While she spends most of her time on the flat, Gucci has the makings of a jumper and is on occasion ridden over fences. Gucci proves that, even if you’re a beginner, you can still ride with style!


Lillie (officially “Lillie’s First”) is a senior OTTB. She has been hanging around L & B Farms for a while, and is an old lady by horse standards. Despite her age, she still has lots of spunk left, and does well with beginners. Lillie loves the trail and enjoys teaching kids the fundamentals of riding. She is especially respected as one of Lisa’s first horses. She especially enjoys getting scratched under her belly, and refuses to come in from the pasture until somebody scratches her! Lillie is sure to steal your heart– just as she stole Lisa’s years ago– with her unique personality and skill.


Lucky is a sweet Palomino Appaloosa who has become quite popular in our lesson program. He was purchased in 2016 by a boarder after the tragic passing of her horse, Apache. While his canter still needs work, he is quite popular among beginners and loves teaching kids. For walk-trot lessons, look no further than Lucky!


Mona (officially “Mona Lisa”) is a quick, gaited paint pony. She is one of our most popular beginner horses, and is a favorite among our new students. She is an amazing gamer, and uses her speed to her advantage, whether she is barrel racing or pole bending. She is an excellent jumper, clearing rails up to three feet. Despite the fact that she is excellent with beginners, Mona also presents a challenge to our more advanced riders as she has a few kinks to work out. No matter your skill level, you are sure to enjoy Mona.


Although he is one of the newer additions to the L & B herd, Nick is already a favorite among beginners. His gentle disposition and sweet personality help build confidence among those new to riding. After being rescued from a bad situation by Dayze Gone Bye Farms, he was purchased by L & B in 2016. If you are a beginner looking to build your skills while having fun in the process, you’ll love Nick!


Reese (officially “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup) is a Quarter/Welsh Pony. Standing at 14 hh, Reese is a pony by a few inches, but don’t let her small stature fool you: Reese has a feisty, strong-spirited personality, although it can easily be overcome with treats and patience. Reese is also an excellent beginner horse, as she can easily be handled by newer, younger riders. Reese knows the business, and has been giving lessons at L & B Farms for years. She is a talented jumper, and when paired with a more advanced rider has jumped heights of up to 3’6”. Reese’s skill and feisty personality are sure to win you over.


Rosie (officially “Red Speckled Sensation”) is an appaloosa/draft cross, although her disposition favors that of an appy. She is somewhat stubborn, but is very talented and does well with patient riders. Although she may be stubborn, she is still gentle, and can be ridden Western or English. Rosie can be somewhat frustrating and difficult to control, and is therefore better for more advanced riders. Nevertheless, she is still good for students, and even has a trick or two up her sleeve (“trick pony” tricks, that is). Rosie is good for riding on trails and on the flat, but only for patient, thorough riders. You may not like Rosie at first, but with time, she may become your best friend!


Spike (officially “A Spike in Profits”) is an easy going, well-rounded show jumper. While he has his moments, Spike is for the most part gentle and respectful. He behaves well for most riders, provided that they have some experience. Spike is a bay Quarter Horse, and will do anything for an apple. He is sure to delight any rider looking for a fast friend to advance their skills with.


Wes (officially “Western Express”) is a quirky OTTB who is quickly earning a fan club amongst intermediate students. He excels at jumping, but we're taking it slowly as he's still a bit green. If you're looking for a fun horse to grow with, Wes is the perfect fit!


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