Our Story

Our founder, Lisa, started riding at a young age and competed at shows, fox hunted, and rode on local trails. While training and riding horses for others, Lisa gained valuable experience as a horse handler and trainer.

In the Fall of 2005, Lisa finally took the plunge. She bought her first horse from a local rescue, The Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Racehorses (CANTER). Through CANTER, Lisa and her brother purchased two off track thoroughbreds (OTTBs). Unfortunately, the horse Lisa bought had to be put down after sustaining an injury.

So, with a heavy heart, she searched for another horse. “Lillie’s First” was another OTTB, and she stole Lisa’s heart right away with her big liquid brown eyes and flashy attitude. Since then, Lillie has been hanging around and trying Lisa’s patience.

Soon, Lisa followed her heart and began teaching people to ride and how to care for horses. Her gentle coaching and teaching techniques have made her a favorite lesson instructor in the area. She loves to provide fun activities for students and encourages them to participate in trail rides, paper chases and local fun shows. She always has a project horse to bring along, such as her recent successful project “Western Express”, who found a very special forever home. Other horses in training include Duke, a green draft cross gelding, and Randy, a young thoroughbred gelding.

In the Spring of 2008, Lisa became certified as Certified Horseman’s Association (CHA) Instructor. With this new certification, the lesson program was enhanced. Now students can work through four levels of horsemanship on their way to advanced riding.

Our Facility

Our barn features 18 stalls, an indoor riding arena, and an outdoor wash stall with hot water. We have an upstairs viewing area/lounge where we encourage parents to stay and watch their children during their lessons. We currently have seven paddocks/pastures.

We also have an outdoor arena that doubles as a dry lot when the pastures are not suitable for the horses.

Bill Capp


Lisa Capp

Owner/Operator, Chief Instructor

Debbie Goodling

Social Media Coordinator

Andrew Ferrarelli

Student Worker

Kara Shaffer

Student Worker

Sydnie Schaffer

Student Worker


What type of lessons are available?

L & B Farm offers private and group lessons in English and Western riding.

We specialize in eventing, which includes show jumping and cross country riding/jumping. We also have many students that are learning to ride just for pleasure.

Who will my instructor be?

Each of our professional instructors is specifically chosen for their knowledge, experience and love of teaching. To assure the most productive learning, students will be specially paired with our instructors based on their interests and abilities. Advanced students will work with our primary instructor, Lisa Capp.

How old should my child be to take a lesson?

Traditionally, students start at eight years old and above. However, for very focused or interested individuals, we do provide private lessons as early as five years old.

Does L & B Farms offer lessons to first time beginners?

We are committed to offering top quality instruction to all students. We feel that starting with a firm foundation allows students to continue to enjoy a lifetime of riding. Beginning students are taught in private lessons until they are able to independently stop, start, and steer.

What kinds of lessons are offered throughout the year?

L & B Farms offer a variety of lessons throughout the year however all lesson sessions are by appointment only. Please contact Lisa at L & B Farms to schedule your appointment today.

What special clothes or equipment do I need?

You will need hard-soled, treadless shoe or boot with approximately a one-inch heel (not hiking boots or tennis shoes).

Helmets are required and provided for the first 6 lessons, after which you will want to purchase your own.

Long jeans or breeches should be worn each lesson.

Do I have to have my own horse?

L & B Farms offers several talented lesson horses of different training and specialties. We will choose the best matches for each student based on your curriculum and goals.

What type of lessons horses do you have?

We have many breeds of horses: TThoroughbreds, Paints, Quarter Horses, Draft Crosses, an Appendix, and an Appy. Each of our horses is specially chosen for their knowledge and talents, as well as their ability to be gentle and understanding as people learn.

Is there a rider weight limit?

At L & B Farms, safety is not only important for our riders but also for our horses. For this reason, we enforce a maximum 250 pound weight limitation.

Will I ride the same lesson horse each week?

Each of the horses have different specialties allowing riders to practice specific parts of your curriculum. Although you may ride the same horse several times, most likely you will have many favorites.

What is leasing?

Leasing is a wonderful feature that we offer to our lesson students. We will carefully match you with one of our lesson horses allowing you to practice throughout the week between lessons. Leasing is also a great way to try out owning a horse to see if it is the right decision for you.

Can I take lessons on my own horse?

Absolutely! We are happy to have you take lessons on your own horse. Horses can be boarded at our facility for your ease of use and practice or can be hauled in for each of your lessons.

Where would I find a horse if I want to buy one?

Lisa would be happy to help you find your perfect horse. If you decide to buy a horse, it is wonderful peace of mind to have an expert on your side. Please feel free to contact Lisa.

Where is your facility located?

L & B Farms is located outside of Elizabethtown, off Route 743 towards Hershey.

Can we ride outside?

We feel that becoming a good rider takes versatility. For this reason, we combine our indoor riding lessons with riding in the outdoor arena and on trail. This allows our students to practice being in control no matter where they ride.

Does L & B offer boarding?

L & B Farms does offer a full range of boarding features. If you already have a horse or decide to get one, it is wonderful to have daily access to him/her with the help of your trainer.

What if I don’t want to show?

Although we have many students that do show, training is our main focus. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about the art of training and understanding horses, focusing on the journey of knowledge without the pressure of showing.


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